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Tony Hazzard – From the Heart to the Heart
An interview with Tony Hazzard on The Strange Brew.

Songwriters Talk About Songrwriting
An interview with Tony Hazzard on Songwriters Talk About Songwriting

Jerry Boys
Grammy award-winning sound engineer who mixed 'Songs From The Lynher'.

Brook Guitars
Guitar makers extraordinaires and lovely people. They built my Taw acoustic guitar, and my tenor ukulele.

Lucy Sylvester
The website of my daughter who makes fine hand-crafted jewellery inspired by nature.

The website of Stuart Fraser: fervent socialist, writer, polemicist, humorist, and rager against injustice.

The Missing Link
Top of the range, audiophile, high end hi-fi audio cables and accessories.

If you've bought an old tractor in an auction (as one does), this is the place to go if you need the manual to go with it. Run by a lovely chap.

Cullacott Holidays
Award-winning self-catering holiday cottages in North Cornwall, UK, with a unique historic twist.

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