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Tony Hazzard Sings Tony Hazzard Loudwater House

Was That Alright, Then?

Tony Hazzard Sings Tony Hazzard

Vinyl Album
CBS Records, 1969

Loudwater House

Vinyl Gatefold Album
Bronze Records, 1971

Was That Alright, Then?

Vinyl Gatefold Album
Bronze Records, 1973

Hazzard & Barnes Go North - The Bronze Anthology

Tony Hazzard Sings Tony Hazzard

Hazzard & Barnes

Vinyl Album
Warners Bros Records, 1976

Go North - The Bronze Anthology

Double CD of the Bronze vinyl albums, plus out takes
Sanctuary Records, 2005

Tony Hazzard Sings Tony Hazzard

CD, mastered from original vinyl album, plus additional tracks
Rev-Ola, 2007

Songs From The Lynher The Hallicombe Sessions

Old Wave - The Lost Roundhouse Tapes

Songs From The Lynher

CD and Downloads
Self Produced, 2011


"By the way, I am playing the Tony Hazzard CD LOTS. The music is fantastic. It is like sunshine to me and better than a shopping trip!. It is just wonderful and lifts a person from doom to happiness. Full marks from an old 83 year old"

The Hallicombe Sessions

CD and Downloads
Produced by Matt Harding, 2016


“The Hallicombe Sessions is a stark and naked record where Matt Harding has pushed Tony to rely only on his songwriting (and his life experience) to come up with a great piece of work"

Old Wave

The Lost Roundhouse Tapes


Produced by Jerry Boys & Tony Hazzard 1983.


A recently discovered tape of sessions recorded in 1983, curated and turned into a six-track EP.

“Cracking good song and sound. My heavens I wish people made records sounding like this. Excellent.” Simon Heyworth, S.A.M.


  • You’ll Never Put Shackles On Me - CBS Records, 1966
  • The Sound Of The Candyman’s Trumpet - CBS Records, 1968
  • The Way I Feel - Philips Records, 1970
  • Blue Movie Man - Bronze Records, 1971
  • Woman In The West - Bronze Records, 1971
  • Sweet Ruby Ruby Nite-Time - Bronze Records, 1973
  • I Think I’m Over Getting Over You - Bronze Records, 1973
  • Big Brown Eyes - Ariola Records, 1983 (Limited Release)


Bronze Records closed down in 1986, to be revived for a short whille and then closed again.


Rev-Ola have sold out of TH Sings TH (CD) and don’t plan to manufacture any more. Still available on download.


Sanctuary Records ceased to exist as an independent company in 2007. Somehow copies of ‘The Bronze Anthology’ were secreted away just before the closure and keep appearing on Amazon and Ebay.


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