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You can buy The Lost Round House Tapes, along with Songs From The Lynher, and The Hallicombe Sessions, on download only from from Bandcamp and iTunes / Amazon etc.

buy Selected Lyrics by Tony Hazzard from Amazon

Selected Lyrics by Tony Hazzard

A book of lyrics, selected from the last fifty years, is now available from Amazon here

buy Selected Lyrics by Tony Hazzard from Amazon

A talent undimmed by time

- Tim Rice

The best way to download individual tracks, or whole albums / EPs, is to use my Bandcamp page.


Here you can download studio quality files, like AAC (m4a/iTunes), FLAC, etc, as well as standard MP3 files. You’ll also find all the lyrics here, too.


In addition, on Bandcamp you can listen to both albums and the EP, or individual tracks. In fact it’s a bit like a free streaming service, and you can take advantage of that... if you’re so inclined.


On the other hand, if you quite like a track, it’s comparative peanuts to buy it (in fact you can download a whole album for less than the cost of three lattes in a coffee house) and you’ll bask in the warm glow of satisfaction that your hard earned pence/cents have helped to offset the very real costs of making the album.


You can also find ‘The Hallicombe Sessions’, ‘Songs From The Lynher’, and ‘Old Wave - The Lost Round House Tapes’ on iTunes and Amazon, etc. However, you can sometimes find downloadable tracks from my older albums on these sites, plus older vinyl and CDs on Ebay.


Old Wave - The Lost Roundhouse Tapes

Old Wave -
The Lost Roundhouse Tapes

Songs From The Lynher

The Hallicombe Sessions

To buy any of my music from Amazon or iTunes please click the buttons below, but the cheapest way to buy The Hallicombe Sessions and Songs From The Lynher is via the links to the left.

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Anything that you can't find on Amazon or iTunes you may be able to find on Ebay.