Hello, my name is Tony Hazzard... I'm a songwriter who sings...

Welcome to my website. Here you can find out who I am, what I've done, what I'm currently doing, and how to buy my music. You can link with me on Twitter, Facebook, and follow my blog.


I often have chats with fans and friends on Twitter, and announce news on it, so if you follow me you’ll get to hear the news before anyone else. You are also welcome to contact me directly.


Although most of my commercial success was writing for others in the sixties, and my own albums were bought by a selective few, I'm constantly surprised by the number of younger people I meet who know my work and are now discovering my own recordings, both past and present.


On the other hand, I’ve discovered that growing older doesn't mean the end of being creative. Quite the opposite in fact. The output may be slower but, with the changed perspective, I think the songs become a bit deeper and more thoughtful.


I want to keep writing, recording, and playing live while I still can and, although I no longer have any great commercial ambitions, my hope is that my songs will still be around when I'm not.

Old Wave by Tony Hazzard

New EP Released:

Old Wave - The Lost Round House Tapes.


A recently discovered tape of sessions recorded in 1983 has been curated and turned into a six-track EP available for download only. These tracks are of particular interest, given their remarkable history and the high quality of the musicianship. To listen or to buy, please click here.


"Cracking good song and sound. My heavens I wish people made records sounding like this. Excellent."

Simon Heyworth, Super Audio Mastering



Amazing body of work Tony!! You're such an amazing songwriter!! Hope to meet you in person one day...”


Beth Nielsen Chapman.

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